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Premium polymer enhancers for civil engineers: penetrate, harden, seal, elasticize, formulate. Economically.

"making the world a better place one molecule at a time"
Online Learning
Our ONLINE COURSE will quickly teach you the basics of road and highway building, and at which phases the process can be enhanced by using a high performance polymer additive. Full "ecopaving with Kleer polymers" manual is included.
On-Site Specialist
For spray and mix-in applications, we could send a specialist on site for 2 days to help the work crew begin and develop a repeatable routine that your team could continue unsupervised.
Safety Management
Our worksite safety and security management system consists of: a fast online course that every contractor and their employees must respect. They take a course, pass a test, receive a certificate. Scannable badges, procedures, reporting system, safety meetings. Make your WBS stand out by covering risk management with this complementary service.

Why use our products on your projects


Discover innovative solutions for environmentally safe dust and sand stabilization, and construction materials. With 17 years of expertise, we offer proprietary formulations tailored for civil engineering applications. Our products, including KleerGrip for dust and sand stabilization, KleerSeal for waterproofing, and KleerPrimeTM for adhesion, revolutionize industries worldwide. Lauden Kleer provides comprehensive training programs for applicators, ensuring efficient use of our products. Join us in tackling environmental challenges and improving productivity while reducing operational costs. Explore our solutions today.


Lauden Kleer's KleerPrimeTM and KleerGripTM products are engineered with a unique formulation that utilizes carefully controlled nanoparticle size suspended in an anionic substance. This innovative design offers several advantages over traditional polymers, allowing for reduced product usage and higher dilution with water.


Carefully Controlled Nanoparticle Size: The carefully controlled nanoparticle size in KleerPrimeTM and KleerGripTM allows for efficient coverage and bonding, requiring less product to achieve the desired results.


Polymeric Matrix Formation: As the water evaporates, the nanoparticles in KleerPrimeTM and KleerGripTM, which are in the 10-9m range, literally continue to migrate during the curing process and form a stable polymeric matrix. This matrix provides excellent adhesion and bonding properties, even under challenging conditions. A well-formed matrix provides elasticity. You create materials that are not brittle and are less likely to crack. This is actually a primary reason you may want to use a polymer in the first place, so there's that.


Reduced Product Usage: The carefully controlled nanoparticle size and anionic substance allow for efficient coverage and bonding, requiring less product to achieve the desired results. This reduces overall product usage, making KleerPrimeTM and KleerGripTM more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.


Higher Dilution with Water: The stability and performance of the polymer matrix formation enable higher dilution with water without sacrificing effectiveness. This means that users can achieve the same level of performance while using less concentrated solutions, further reducing costs and environmental impact.


Superior Adhesion: KleerTM polymers are engineered for maximum adhesion, whether applied to a surface or mixed into a material. As the water evaporates, the polymer matrix becomes solid, bonded to the material it is applied to or integrated into.


Premium & Proven: Our products are used as the starting base for designing products that mimic their characteristics. KleerPrime is used to make eco-friendly adhesives, KleerSeal is used to create hydrophobic materials, KleerZero is used to produce rubbers, plastics, computer chips and apparel that retain elasticity at subzero temperatures, and so on. You get them raw. Welcome to the power of advanced chemistry.


Learning Programs: Lauden Kleer understands that Kleer products may require a learning curve. We have a vast experience with knowledge transfer in various fields. Because each person may come from a different background, we created a course that provides the full Gravel Road Construction and Highway Building processes step by step, in short, easy to digest increments, and in laymen's terms. The same course also has a downloadable manual about building a road base and subbase (or an uncapped road) using Kleer polymers. When you understand the job of the civil engineer, you know where specific industrial polymers and chemical enhancers can be used.


We can also arrange for an expert to visit the work site and get your team started with a repeatable process they can then run unsupervised by us.


Safety Management: When you have multiple contractors on a worksite, it is important that everyone is accounted for, and that they all respect the same set of clearly defined rules for both safety and site security. Contact us to find out more.


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